Equipping your executive team for success.

It’s the constant, isn’t it? Change defines today’s world of work. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to know what should be changing and what should be staying the same. Executives need to be equipped to understand change, manage it, influence it, and at times, resist it. It’s a faulty assumption to believe this ability develops organically within a team. If change is paramount within your organization, the next step is to ensure your team is ready and capable.

Developing your key employees

We work with executive and key leaders from your organization to further develop your direction for the future. This multi-faceted program is designed to elevate thinking and implementation so that strategy shifts from a loose plan to confident action. Is it time to explore changing dynamics in your industry? Embrace innovation? Address strategic change? We’ll customize a program to help you achieve those results.

What is it?

This Executive Program is three days of training and workshops. By combining both forms of learning, teams discover how to clarify the specific dynamics they are experiencing, before deciding how to manage and lead through the change. Throughout these three days, expect to work. This is about effective dialogue, focused learning, and leaving with an actionable plan.

Who Does This Fit For?

This is for the executive leaders and managers in your organization who are the cornerstones for your change initiatives. Often this is the group who are navigating ambiguity and being tasked to show clear measures of progress. This workshop is specifically for those who are in the midst of change, or who would benefit from new knowledge, a confident plan and the capabilities to implement with clarity.

Why Would We Need It?

The collective and individual abilities to navigate organizational change is a known imperative. So, the question becomes timing. Are you in the midst of change or seeing a shift on the horizon? If so, this workshop becomes a definitive moment to articulate and shape the future.

What Does the Executive Program Cost?

Our open enrollment Executive Program fee is $2,000 per participant (this fee includes course delivery, hosting costs, and all material). For in-house delivery of the program, pricing is customized for each client.

What Results Should be Expected?

Expect clarity. Expect a team who is ready for the excitement and discomfort of change. Expect a plan that is individually understood and collectively championed. The combination of training and facilitation allows for organic dialogue to be shaped by new ways of thinking. Expect this to be an investment that has a clear before and after.

Program Overview

Here is a sample overview of the Executive Program

Program Details

Lead Instructors: Tyler Waye & Carla Cuglietta