One of the most effective ways to develop cultural transformation is to teach the change from within. This train the trainer workshop is designed for communities, organizations and systems that are looking to adopt long-term solutions to wide-spread challenges. That’s why our team works with you to uncover new principles in 21st century education, ultimately developing a teaching approach that will work for your environment. Digital learning, facilitating sessions of change, flipped classrooms, blended learning. These are not buzz words, they are gateways into the cultural transformations you seek.

What is it?

This workshop draws on facilitation, teaching, activities and experiential practice to develop an internal team of effective teachers. Participants discover how to break down problems into segments of learning, how to teach those lessons in an effective way, and how to develop group trust in order to create the space for change. Train the trainer development is in depth, it is transformational, and it is one of the best methods to create sustainable change.

Who Does This Fit For?

This workshop is for communities and organizations who understand the systemic implications of their challenges. For solutions that can’t be developed overnight, train the trainer approaches allow for a deeper and more sustainable approach. Ideal participants are change champions, existing leaders, and those who are already in a teaching role but may need a focused boost to inspire the next wave of change.

Why Would We Need It?

Some challenges and changes are not easy. Pretending they are so, typically only makes them worse. This workshop is needed once you’ve discovered you’re working on a long-term challenge with wide-spread implications. Need to develop certain capabilities in the next wave of workers? Need to expand knowledge? Stop brain drain? Transform a community? We’ll train your trainers to plant the right seeds that will grow.

What Results Should be Expected?

This workshop produces two waves of results. The first is immediate. Expect a group of trainers to leave with new understanding of modern educational approaches. Expect them to leave with heightened ability to facilitate a workshop. Expect a plan of attack. That is the first wave of results. The second wave comes as your newly trained leaders begin to offer the programming they’ve just developed. This is when change becomes transformation.

Workshop Leader: Carla Cuglietta