Summary of Program

The Leadership Development Summit offers a deep dive into professional leadership, specifically shaped for key contributors, and for emerging leaders who are or may be taking on new aspects of responsibility.  Built as a comprehensive, practical, and hands-on experience, the four day leadership development summit helps contextualize the demands of supervisors, team leaders and key employees in the evolving landscape of work.  Through a series of exercises, lessons and practice sessions, attendees take on real-world challenges and gain significant movement in the confidence and competence necessary to flourish in their work setting.  The program is broken down into three core elements – personal leadership, leading others and leading for results.

Personal Leadership

  • Expectations of your role
  • The impact of mindset on your current and future progression
  • The need for leadership in a rapidly changing workplace
  • New role transition skills
  • Professionalism as an expression , not a hindrance
  • Get clear on the bottom line of your job
  • How to clarify your professional direction
  • Tap into personal capacity and performance
  • Management and leadership differentiated
  • Alter personal trajectory
  • How and where to prioritize
  • Discover new approaches for personal productivity

Leading Others

  • Clear communication skills
  • A leaders responsibility
  • Learn how to launch effective team dynamics
  • Influencing up and down
  • Learn how to communicate and provide feedback growth
  • Inspire others to buy-in
  • How to proactively recognize and overcome personnel challenges
  • Employee leadership development
  • Uncover hidden talent and raise the bar
  • Work through interpersonal challenges that can often derail teams
  • How and where to add expanding value
  • Learn critical aspects of leading and managing emerging workforce

Leading for Results

  • Activate people through strategic and personal alignment
  • Recognize needs beyond your role and team
  • Identify performance gaps and processes to overcome
  • Explore systems thinking
  • Determine the steps between current reality and future goals
  • When meetings are needed and how to successfully conduct them
  • How to inspire joint action
  • Develop accountability plans and perspective
  • Manage negativity (both workplace and employee)
  • Explore coaching, and spend time practicing coaching conversations
  • How to work through creative tension
  • Moving the needle for your organization


Who Should Attend

In appreciation of the highly contextual nature of leadership, the Leadership Development Summit has been carefully tailored to meet the demands of supervisors and emerging managers, as well as key contributors.  It is also perfectly suited for those who are seeking a leadership edge or who are working through projects and scenarios of change.  The program is a fit for those with roles that depend on clarity, productivity, team work, collaboration and driving results.

Networking also plays a large part in the overall experience of the Summit.


Program Fees and Details

The Lake Louise Leadership Development Summit is a comprehensive experience.  The fee for the program is $1,400 + GST, and includes all program fees, materials, and most meals*.  To include accommodations in the program fee, you can select the all inclusive option for $1,995 + GST.

Hotel costs are not included in the program fee, although a substantially reduced rate has been negotiated for you to stay at the host hotel – The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.  To gain the most from this program, including an expanded opportunity to network, it is recommended that attendees stay at the host hotel. Our exclusive room rate is available to you through the length of the program, as well as 3 days prior and 3 days following the course.  To book using this rate, click here to access our online booking portal.

The program starts on Wednesday evening (Day 1), when attendees will register, take part in a welcome reception, and then dive into the course material.  Thursday is Day 2, starting with breakfast at 7:30am (program starts at 8:30am) and wrapping up at 4:30pm.  Friday is Day 3 and the timing is the same as on Thursday.  On Day 4 (Saturday), breakfast is at 8:00am (program start is at 9:00am).  Day 4 is a half day with the program fully concluding in time for the attendees to check out of the hotel before noon.

Other than Wednesday evening, the nights are free for attendees to network, prepare for the next day’s material, and relax.

*Meals included in the program fee include Wednesday’s welcome reception, Thursday and Friday’s breakfast, lunch and snacks, as well as breakfast on Saturday.