Developing your key employees

We work with your team to develop leadership training that has strategic impact. Aimed at managers and leaders, this three day workshop focuses on leadership practices that allow people to show up with new abilities and confidence. Are you trying to close a talent gap? Drive results? Engage a new strategy? We’ll customize a program to help you achieve those results.

What is it?

This is a three day workshop immediately uplifts the capabilities of your leadership and management team. Through this program, participants discover how to lead higher performance within teams, effectively communicate together, drive strategic change, and further develop their grounding as a leader.

Who Does This Fit For?

This is for the team of leaders and managers in your organization, critical for the next stage in your growth. This is the team that balances strategic implementation, their own duties, and the performance of a team. Not easy stuff. Without specialized training, it’s easy for this group to get caught in the patterns of routine and the plateaus of growth. This program will inspire and create positive change.

Why Would We Need It?

How do organizations take on the immediate needs of today along with the strategic shifts needed for the future? A plan is one thing, but the true bottleneck is having a team that is capable of effectively managing their competing demands. We understand where intention is lost to reality, so we train to overcome this challenge. The workshop addresses behaviour change, because once we know ‘what to do’ the question becomes ‘can we actually do it?’

What Results Should be Expected?

Expect a team poised and ready to handle increasing demands. Expect a layer of leaders and managers who have the ability to engage and lead a positively performing team. Expect the outcome you seek to be clearly in view. Then, expect your team to be individually energized and capable to move the needle.