Program Fee: The Leader Lab is $1500 (+GST) per participant. This includes your program fee, course materials and online resources.


2018 Fall Modules:

  • Day 1: Personal Leadership
  • Day 2: Team Leadership
  • Day 3: Performance Leadership

2018 Fall location: Edmonton, AB


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Lead Instructor:

For over a decade, I’ve been fascinated (read: obsessed) by leadership. Not the buzz word or the fuzzy definition, but the power it has to change the future. Leadership, in its purest form, is the mechanism for change… within you, within your team, within your organization. The Leader Lab offers this clear, actionable form of leadership. The one that excites and engages. The one that creates opportunity and places responsibility exactly where it should be, on your shoulders. The one that transforms through learning, accountability and action.

How do you develop the tools, mindset and skills needed to take ownership of your journey? How do you uncover strengths and use them to drive new levels of value within your organization? Who are you as a collaborator, a team player, a listener, a vital contributor? Who are you as a leader? Come discover.