What if the biggest factor shaping the future success of your team and organization is whether we can engage one person at a time? What if unlocking an individual’s discretionary effort is the key?

Given the characteristics of our emerging workforce, numerous studies point to findings just like that. So the question is: how do we lead team performance, knowing we need to individually engage as well?


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More about the workshop

This workshop offers a highly applicable, action-oriented approach to leading next-gen teams, engaging for performance, and managing a younger workforce. As a participant of the workshop, you can expect to grow as a leader, leaving with the tools and confidence to lead
higher levels of performance and engagement.

A series of exercises, lessons, and practice sessions will provide you real-world insights and approaches that are immediately applicable. Facilitated by renowned experts in engagement and leadership – Carla Cuglietta & Tyler Waye – you can expect to be in great hands.

IN.FORM focuses on outcome based training (meaning, we work with you to achieve results that matter for you). And, we do this by aiming at change, not just new knowledge.

Who does this fit for?

The Leading Next-Gen Teams workshop is specifically tailored to those who manage, supervise, lead projects, and engage young or multi-generational teams.

What’s in it for my organization?

More and more organizations are realizing that one of the biggest factors in their success is, “do our people care?” It’s never been so important to make sure your employees are engaged in what they are working on and feeling like their goals align with your organizational goals. Trust us, this training will benefit your bottom line and your people.

What will I learn?

  • Discover what is required of leaders in today’s workplace
  • Explore the dynamics of multi-generational leadership
  • Learn how to inspire and engage teams towards successful outcomes
  • Leave with a coordinated plan for heightened performance
  • Practice a leadership skill-set that directly aligns with individual and organizational goals
  • Develop deeper recognition for why and how to lead in today’s world of work

Workshop Fee

The 2-day full workshop fee is $895+GST.

Fee includes registration, materials, meals, and resources.


Workshop Leaders


Carla Cuglietta

Carla Cuglietta is a Canadian born educator, consultant, humanitarian and speaker. She has been involved in global projects in Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, China, Laos, India, Sierra Leone and Uganda. Carla is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of YoungLeaders.World, an international non-profit aimed to engage emerging generations in leadership development.

For her work in leadership and engagement, Carla’s been awarded the Prime Minster’s Certificate of Achievement, the University of Alberta Alumni of Distinction, and the Me to We Educator’s award. She has also received the YWCA Woman of Distinction and the Lions Club International Humanitarian Award.




Tyler Waye

Tyler Waye is a Canadian work and leadership strategist who has spent the last decade investigating emerging patterns that shape the success of our careers, lives, and organizations. He is President of IN.FORM, where he works to drive leadership inspired change across numerous platforms and is the host of Working Around the World, a docu-series filmed across 12 countries.

Tyler is a regular contributor in media, speaks around the world, and consults on numerous private, not-for-profit and public sector projects. He is the author of the book, “I Went to School that Long for This?!,” as a Master of Arts degree in Leadership, was named Top 40 Under 40 by Avenue magazine, and is an instructor with Executive Education at the University of Alberta.




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