The Leadership Development Summit offers a deep dive into professional leadership, specifically shaped for key contributors, and for emerging leaders who are or may be taking on new aspects of responsibility.  Built as a comprehensive, practical, and hands-on experience, the four day leadership development summit helps contextualize the demands of supervisors, team leaders and key employees in the evolving landscape of work.  Through a series of exercises, lessons and practice sessions, attendees take on real-world challenges and gain significant movement in the confidence and competence necessary to flourish in their work setting.  The program is broken down into three core elements – personal leadership, leading others and leading for results.

Personal Leadership

  • Expectations of your role
  • The impact of mindset on your current and future progression
  • The need for leadership in a rapidly changing workplace
  • New role transition skills
  • Professionalism as an expression , not a hindrance
  • Get clear on the bottom line of your job
  • How to clarify your professional direction
  • Tap into personal capacity and performance
  • Management and leadership differentiated
  • Alter personal trajectory
  • How and where to prioritize
  • Discover new approaches for personal productivity

Leading Others

  • Clear communication skills
  • A leaders responsibility
  • Learn how to launch effective team dynamics
  • Influencing up and down
  • Learn how to communicate and provide feedback growth
  • Inspire others to buy-in
  • How to proactively recognize and overcome personnel challenges
  • Employee leadership development
  • Uncover hidden talent and raise the bar
  • Work through interpersonal challenges that can often derail teams
  • How and where to add expanding value
  • Learn critical aspects of leading and managing emerging workforce

Leading for Results

  • Activate people through strategic and personal alignment
  • Recognize needs beyond your role and team
  • Identify performance gaps and processes to overcome
  • Explore systems thinking
  • Determine the steps between current reality and future goals
  • When meetings are needed and how to successfully conduct them
  • How to inspire joint action
  • Develop accountability plans and perspective
  • Manage negativity (both workplace and employee)
  • Explore coaching, and spend time practicing coaching conversations
  • How to work through creative tension
  • Moving the needle for your organization