Developing your key employees

We work with key leaders from your organization to further develop your direction for the future. This multi-faceted program is designed to elevate thinking and implementation skills so strategy shifts from a loose plan to confident action. Is it time to explore changing dynamics in your industry? Embrace innovation? Address strategic change? We’ll customize a program to help you achieve those results.

What is it?

This three day workshop offers in depth strategy training. Focus areas include: strategic thinking, action learning, and strategy implementation. The content balances time tested strategic models with emerging practices / research shedding new light on organizational change. Through this program, participants put their expanding skills into practice by identifying and implementing an action learning project that not only solidifies their learning, but also starts the very change your organization is seeking.

Who Does This Fit For?

This is for the team of key leaders in your organization, critical for your plan into the future. This is the team that is setting direction while also inspiring change within their departments. Without continued development, it’s easy for this group to see things the way they have always seen things. In today’s dynamic world of work, multiple lenses are needed. This program will open perspective and then narrow on change.

Why Would We Need It?

How do organizations shape their position for the future when so much is changing? Especially when the pressures of today won’t relent for time, perspective and space to think? The demands on your key leaders is growing. Their skill set needs to be as well. Setting direction and then inspiring change is one of the greatest challenges in today’s organizations. We understand the people side as much as we understand the content. This workshop focuses on change, the kind that trickles from top to bottom, corner to corner.

What Results Should be Expected?

Expect a team feeling confident about tomorrow. Expect new thinking, an expanded tool kit, and a leadership cohort who understand how strategy and team motivation align. Then, expect to see tangible shifts occur through the action learning projects that become the backbone of this transformative workshop.

Program Details?

  • Program Fee: $950 per participant (includes GST and all training resources)
  • Total training time is 24 hours