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by Tyler Waye and Carla Cuglietta

We are excited to launch our 6-part Leadership and Teamwork Series. Together we will explore ways to build great teams and continue to grow as leaders.

Let’s do this.

Bi-weekly you can expect a LEAD TEAM Newsletter that focuses on Leadership and Teamwork delivered to your inbox. The intent of this newsletter is for you, as a team leader to have more resources to help build a great team. Each newsletter will contain a video by Tyler Waye and Carla Cuglietta in a 1-2-1 format.

We all know the power of teamwork. But, what about the high performance part? How do we build a team that has a foundation for high performance? As a leader, there are many things you could do to build a great team, join our LEAD TEAM newsletter to find out more.

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